Show your event like Park on Park street Bristol!

Are you planning to set up an event? Do you need sponsors? Would you like loads of visitors? Is this an event series and you have future plans? If any of these was answered with yes, you need a video:D.

What happened here? The same. They have got an idea to start events on Park street to engage people towards the street. Park on Park street Bristol seemed a good start:

“On Sunday 1st June 2014, the traders of Park Street transformed Park Street, Bristol into a pop up park complete with artificial grass, plants and even an ice cream van!
Thousands of people came to their event and were able to enjoy over fifty businesses who were trading outside on Park Street and College Green Road. They also featured an entertainment stage with acts performing from all areas, from music to comedy who came from not only Bristol but from across the UK!
Why did they do this? In recent years, Park Street has been no longer seen as an destination point, affecting the trade for local independent and national businesses. A group volunteers made up of local traders and professionals came together with the intent to produce a high profile event for all of the community to attend and to help build Park Street’s identity again – and that’s exactly what they did!”

Park Street Events // June 2014 // Bristol

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