Event video

Event video to engage people!

You have an idea, but don’t know how to reach people? You are running an event series, but hard to gain people come over? Show them few details in an event video! They’ll be there! Few shots can tell more than hundred words! Some ideas:

  • create a message video
  • make interviews on your event
  • tell your story
  • create your guerrilla marketing

Make your exhibition unforgettable!

Are you putting up a temporary exhibition? Would you like to show it to the world and save the best parts for everyone? You don’t need to close your exhibition on the last day of your event! Keep the installations alive and enjoyable for the future and far away online visitors! Did you think about the extras?

  • best way to show your portfolio
  • engage people to your museum, gallery
  • advertisement for moving exhibitions

Small event, small budget?

Not a problem. We can capture a minute long interview and add engaging shots to your speech. People don’t really understand what your event is all about when you are talking about it? A short promo video could help! You will be surprised that how many people will comment on your video and help sharing it. Keep it simple:

  • focus on the main features
  • add a little clue to it
  • start a conversation
  • keep it unique

Get more sponsors for your festival!

Event videos are one of the best promotion for next years festivals. Did you have trouble collecting sponsors/volunteers/participants for your festival? Was it hard to explain how it is look like? An event video easily can solve your problem. Get in touch and we can help more! Why?

  • makes easier to collect sponsors
  • best memory for everyone
  • efficient advertise for your upcoming event
  • measurable improving

Exhibition: from preparing to the opening

Make a bigger hype for your exhibition, to reach a wider interest. We can advise you to:

  • introduce the artists
  • interview them
  • capture the preparation
  • tell the story of the exhibition
  • make a secret promotion

Art, sport, business..

Thinking about a big opening? Organizing a sport event? Getting married? Promoting a product? Outside or inside, few hours or few days long, one location or more: we are happy to film it for you! Why is it good to have an event video?

  • makes easier to collect sponsors
  • best memory for your friends, clients, family
  • efficient advertise for your event
  • measurable improving

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