“Working with Stick In Mind was a real joy, Laci and Sophia are fantastic, they show initiative, they have a great eye for the artistic shots and have come with loads of new ideas to help us shoot some great videos.”
Frank Dekker, PS Renewables

“They have loads of experience in all kinds of film production but also, most importantly they have real creative flair.”
Lucy Bendon, Whitehall Printing

“We used as a really useful marketing tool across all of our social media sites and on our website, and because the sites that we were working on were so spread out and diverse it was so brilliant to have a film that pull that all together in such a creative way.”
Ruth Gooding, National Trust

“They were pleasure to work with and they went out of their way to get every single shot exactly as we wanted it and they were both helpful and creative but really-really listened carefully to the brief and met our exact specification. We were really delighted.”
Lucy Bendon, Whitehall Printing

“Working with Stick In Mind was really great fun. They are incredible professional at what they do.”
Rachael Glendinning, Park On Park street

“My message for anybody considering Stick In Mind: Don’t, because I want to use them! :)”
Frank Dekker, PS Renewables

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