Calling for family businesses!

Family business? Family business?

“According to the Institute of Family Business, there are more than three million family businesses in Britain. They provide about 9.2m jobs (40% of total private sector employment), “contribute almost a quarter of total UK GDP [about £346bn] and provide more than £81bn in tax to the UK Exchequer.” – the Guardian

Do you run a family business in or around Bristol (South West)? OR does your friend run?

Get in touch if you want to promote your business with a chance of winning back the cost of your video!

There is a nationwide competition which we could enter with a family business video together. This is the time to show your business to the world in a less than 3 minutes long film. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because the deadline for the short video competition is on the 22nd of January. The earlier we start the bigger chance we have for an award winning film!

SIM // December 2013 // Bristol

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