Business video

Promote your service!

With research proving that customers are much more likely to choose a service after watching a video, online video promotions are becoming essential. Launch your business video before your competitors do. Be the market leader and gain all if its profits! Why do you need a corporate video?

  • to increase your webpage traffic
  • instead of seconds visitors staying minutes on your website
  • your Google ranking will be higher
  • customers can share your video
  • videos are essentials in social media

Intoduce your business!

Either you would like to engage your customers or gain new clients, a business video is the best way to raise attention towards your business. Thinking of a small intro video or would like to do a mini documentary? Then you are on the right place! Don’t know how to start? We lead you through this amazing process!

  • just get in touch
  • we listen to your goals
  • we create the message together
  • approve a final script
  • start filming

Bring your business online!

Business videos help you to reach a wider audience for your product. These days detailed corporate videos are essential to grab the attention and reliance of customers. Well structured business videos with an efficient timing launch are the secret for the success of your business. STICK your brand IN your clients MIND with us! Some tips for your reputation:

  • testimonials
  • tell the story of your business
  • an interview about your business: where/what/who for
  • build a launch strategy on business videos
  • promote your opening or other event

Business videos to enhance buyers!

POI or POS (Point of interest or sale) campaigns are good way to reach your new customers. With an engaging business video you can boost the interest for your product/service. Put a video in your ticket office about your service or exhibition to engage your future clients. There is a festival, conference or exhibition: imagine your stand with a business video! Let your film do the work for you. How can you make your POS project more creative?

  • show the manufacturing process of your product
  • get testimonials from previous clients
  • show the advantages of your business/product
  • make a teaser: let them taste a little bit, before they decide to buy

Profit more about your team buildings, conferences!

Are you planning to organize a conference? Recording the best moments could be a valuable present for your clients! Would you like to train your staff? Why should you capture that? Because this is the best way to see the result of a team building!

  • you can see the result of an event
  • you can have a promotional business presentation
  • you can give a valuable present for your clients
  • you can save all the knowledge which you heard on a conference and share them with your employees

MIND your brand and products!

Post your review video about your brand or products everywhere. Show your customers how you made the product from scratch. Test it or make a taste event and film it. Your business has got a special idea? Contact us and make your business video with us! Or check out our brainstorming:

  • review about a product/brand
  • product manufacturing process
  • public test video
  • story of your product

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